A Bold New Take On Baby Food

Kekoa Foods strives to create the most nutritious and innovative culinary foods possible. We pride ourselves on making parenting inclusive while providing tasty, healthy food that nurtures your little warrior. Preorder today!


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Kekoa Foods is pioneering culinary combinations for babies with herbs, roots, and spices not typically found in American baby food. The result is baby food that is uber-nourishing, may soothe tummies, aid in digestion, and develop more adventurous taste buds for the next generation.


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Kekoa Foods Partners with YMCA

We partnered with the YMCA of Newark, NJ, so that our Kickstarter backers could chose to send their rewards to the YMCA, which is home to hundreds of families and over 80 infants in need of healthy food.  We’re proud of our products and our backers because more than one-third of all pre-ordered KekoaFoods baby food pouches will go to feed these young children.