“Positioned to reshape how we feed our little ones.” Adrian Reif, Yumbutter Founder


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David Fullner and Daniel Auld founded Kekoa Foods in 2018 to bring healing herbs, roots, and spices to the traditionally bland baby food category. Kekoa, Hawaiian for “Brave Warrior,” is their son’s middle name. He was born eight weeks early in Honolulu and spent several weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  When he was released they wanted him to have the highest quality, most nutritious food possible. Kekoa Foods was born out of their son’s strength and resiliency and their love for him.

All of Kekoa Foods’ products were developed by David, who pioneered culinary food combinations atypical in American baby foods. As their son grew, they realized his taste buds had also expanded as well and he had become a very adventurous eater. David, who also gardens in their backyard, began sharing his recipes with friends, who wanted to make them for their new children, but rarely had time or kitchen know-how. Thus, Kekoa Foods was born to bring these nourishing and healing foods to brave babies and bold parents.

Kekoa Foods is proud to stand for inclusive parenting. As a two-dad family, Kekoa’s founders believe that every parent deserves love and advice that respects their personal situation, whether they are two dads, two moms, single-moms, breastfeeders, non-breastfeeders, non-binary parents, or single dads. You’ll often find Kekoa’s founders sharing stories from their two-dad journey, like when people compliment one or even both of them for giving “mom” a break while they “help” with the parenting, and curating advice for other parents who are often left out of the typical daily discourse around parenting.

In 2018, Kekoa Foods is launching their product via the crowd, through Kickstarter.com. For “backers” who don’t have children, Kekoa will be delivering their nourishing foods to their local YMCA in Newark, NJ, which supports hundreds of families and over 80 infants in need of healthy food and shelter. The YMCA is delighted to be receiving the food for the people they serve.



Kekoa Foods is pioneering culinary combinations for babies with herbs, roots, and spices not typically found in American baby food.

Carrots + burdock root, anyone?!

The result is baby food that is uber-nourishing, may soothe tummies, aid in digestion, and develop more adventurous taste buds for the next generation.


  • Ginger

  • Turmeric root

  • Garam masala (Traditional Indian food spice)

  • Garlic

  • Curry

  • Fennel

  • Parsnip

  • Nutmeg

  • Burdock root

See product photos for other unique ingredient combinations.

As Kekoa Foods grows, they plan to launch even more unique culinary combinations for #BraveBabiesBoldParents.




“We don’t eat bland foods, so why should our children!?” - Daniel Auld, Co-founder, Kekoa Foods

“We looked at parents around the world whose children were eating foods with spices and healing herbs and wondered why nobody had done that in the U.S.” - David Fullner, Co-founder, CEO Kekoa Foods

“The uber-healthy food combinations and delicious flavors do the work – we don’t have to rely on salt or sweeteners to make the food tasty.” - David Fullner, Co-founder, CEO Kekoa Foods



Kekoa Foods strives to create the most nutritious and innovative culinary foods possible. We pride ourselves on making parenting inclusive while providing tasty, healthy food that nurtures your little warrior.

The company was founded by two dads who have an unconditional love of their son and uncompromising desire to provide him the most nutritious and tasty food possible.

Kekoa Foods will always use cutting edge culinary food combinations to bring the best in nutrition and healing qualities to the food we make.



The Kekoa Foods Process starts with fresh, wholesome, organic and nutritious foods. The food is cooked in small batches to exacting specifications designed in the founders’ own home. They work with a leading baby food manufacturer to ensure high-quality and utmost safety. The manufacturer is SQF-certified, Kosher, Organic, Halal and FSMA compliant. Kekoa Foods ships directly to parents across the country through online retail sites.



Kekoa Foods’ promise to you is that we will only make food we'd feed to our own family.

Our food is always:

  • Organic

  • No GMOs

  • No preservatives



  • Based in West Orange, NJ / Distributed nationally via online retail

  • Founded in 2018

  • 5 current products

  • Founders – David Fullner, Daniel Auld












Q: Is your baby food organic?

A: Yes. We’re proud to offer organic-certified products that are free from synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and GMO ingredients. Only the best for brave babies.

Q: How should a parent know your baby food is safe?

A: Safety is the utmost concern. Our food is manufactured at a top-of-the-line facility that produces for many of the largest organic baby food companies in the U.S. While we are a relatively small company, we get the same treatment. For you food safety nerds like us, the facility is SQF-certified, Kosher, Organic, Halal and FSMA compliant.

Q: Will my baby actually eat ginger, burdock root, fennel, and the other “unique” ingredients you use?

A: Our food has been tested with hundreds of babies and, generally, they love it. Of course every child is different. Research shows that the earlier you start (even in the gestation stage) feeding certain flavors, the more likely a child will enjoy that flavor later in life.

A child’s palate is very malleable. Traditional wisdom says a child might not like ginger, or curry, but our direct experience shows us that’s not true. When we look at what parents around the world feed their children – hint: not bland food! – we’ve noticed that these children grow up with quite adventurous palates.