We love food – delicious, flavorful, healthy food.   Good food is at the center of our world – our time with family and friends, our holidays, our big life events, and all of the quiet moments in between.

While we were expecting our first child, we knew food would be a prominent feature in our family’s life and we planned excitedly for our child’s arrival, still months away. And then our son was born two months’ premature.

Kekoa, our baby boy, was fragile and in need of high-quality nourishment, but, like both of us, he was also a fighter.  When it came time to feed him solid foods, we made sure to feed him the healthiest food possible.  We searched for options on the market, but determined we needed to make the food ourselves.

As our son moved through different nutritional phases, we started to add spices, such as curry powder and ginger, which not only supported healthy digestion, but also encouraged our son to develop an adventurous palate (just like his parents).  Kekoa, our growing boy, now a toddler, loved these flavors and was eager to try new ones. We began sharing our parenting adventures online with our friends and family.

We were unexpectedly delighted when dozens of our loved ones commented enthusiastically that they wished they could feed good, healthy food like ours to their little ones and expand their palates as we had with Kekoa and told us they would buy it if it were on the market. Out of our passion for good food, the desire to feed our son good food, and our dream to share our good food with other parents who wanted to do the same, Kekoa Foods was born.