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Meet David Fullner

David Fullner, Co-Founder, CEO

David is currently the Vice President of Network Post Production Operations for Viacom Media Networks.  He started with Viacom over 13 years ago as a coordinator, and through his keen insight into how to migrate from analog to digital solutions and steady successes built his own department of over 20 individuals. His innovative approaches set the new standard for digital file content delivery Viacom-wide.  His primary goal and responsibility right now is ensuring that all Viacom episode and promotional content is delivered to American viewers as well as viewers worldwide via all devices.

David is a paracollege graduate from St. Olaf College where, unsatisfied with existing conventional majors, he designed his undergraduate degree titled Integration of Images and Movement. He took the areas of sociology, dance theory, photography, and editing to create a singular media unit and discipline. David successfully defended his four years of work at St. Olaf College to a committee comprised of advisors and professors.

David possesses a lifelong passion for all things food and gardening related, including cooking, pickling and fermentation. Not satisfied with the quality, taste, and combinations of the baby food available when his son was born in 2013, he decided to make his own baby food from scratch. With the use of many herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and high quality, grass-fed meats, the result was a new and innovative combination for baby food, which his son loved. David now seeks to share his passion and his creations with you and your family.